About Us

At Dey Caterers, we always believe in providing you the best catering service along with premium quality delicacies for your events. We offer you these services at a market driven packages and with our expertise helps you in making your event more memorable than ever. At The Dey Caterers Catering service, we are having a well-build team of experienced and trained chefs and cooks who have prepared many continental, Bengali, Chinese, Mughlai, and many more categories of delicacies for many years. We are having a long list of clientele including both corporate and general clients where we have catered for many events for last few years.

Why To Choose Us

  •   At The Dey Caterers Catering, we offer all quality food ingredients for preparation of some dishes selected as part of your event’s menu whether it’s a dinner or lunch party.
  • We are having specialization in delivering you a premium quality food cuisines as part of our catering service for any events like wedding, corporate parties, cocktail parties, upanayana, birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc.
  •    Our main services are mainly sub-divided into four main segments like wedding catering, corporate catering, birthday catering and catering on long term contract.
  •    Apart from having, well, but chefs and cooks we also have a team of qualified managers and catering consultants who used to deal with clients and suggest them in choosing the best menu combination for their party.
  •    Well altogether, we formed a dedicated workforce who worked the whole day and night as a team to deliver the best catering service for your event.
  •     We have all well-built infrastructure for providing you the best catering and mouth-watering delicacies that simply makes your event the most memorable one and rockir
We are Renowned For
  • Having a well-built network of trained and experienced chefs and cooks capable of preparing any kinds of delicacies starting from Bengali, Mughlai, Continental, etc.
  •     Top class service in terms of delivering premium quality food ingredients and materials for cooking event menus.
  •     Offers catering services for all kinds of small and mega-events including both social and corporate events in particular.
  •     Always adapt all kinds of innovative and trendy ways of providing the best service to customers and for bringing your dream events and programs in reality.
  •     Offers all customized menu servings as per the preference of our clients.
  •     We have experienced in arranging all types of lavish social parties, as well as high level corporate parties to even general home events like birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding parties, etc.
  •     Offer all affordable pricing and packaging for all our services.
  •     We provide trendy and innovative functional approach while dealing with any kinds of events.
  •     We have a huge list of aristocrat menus meant both for any sorts of corporate as well for all social events like wedding, birthday, anniversary, candle light dinner, kitty party, etc.
  •     So customers will be getting a full opportunity to make their choice in selecting menus for their events.